What previous clients would like you to know about their experience at UANW

“The counselling that I have received has helped massively. I was feeling extremely low and struggled to understand why. My counsellor helped me to understand that I had hit autistic burnout and what that meant. She gave me lots of strategies to use that were really helpful and I felt that she had a fantastic understanding of what I was going through. She also helped me to explain how I was feeling to my family too. I got to a point that I felt I could manage my feelings and I’ve been feeling the best I have been in years following my counselling.”

“It’s been enjoyable, uplifting, allowed me to help me be who I am. It’s been fun. Strongly recommend it. It’s good to be able to talk to somebody who understands my Aspie world."

“At UANW I had a counsellor who understands autism, and that has made all the difference because she can step into my world. Generic counsellors cannot do that. I have
managed some significant
changes and I’m planning
my future employment.”

                                 "My                                                                     autistic                                 burnout is so deeply
entrenched that progress was always
going to be slow. My counsellor has helped
​me to set boundaries, to improve my sleep patterns, to resolve problems, and to deal better with meltdowns and panic situations. She's helped me to gain more control of my environment and given me ideas and tools which really help. I bless the day she came into my life.”

“It has been refreshing to speak to someone who actually understands               autism!”


“So grateful not to be presented with ABA or any other therapy trying to make me into a neurotypical copy! I have grown in strength, knowledge, and confidence. In short, meeting my counsellor at UANW has helped me to turn my life around, and I am no longer ashamed of being autistic.”



“It is good to be understood and treated like a human being. It can be hard being autistic living in a neuro-typical world. When I received this counselling from a person who ‘gets it’, it’s like coming up for air.”

“As it says on the tin – they help you to understand autism.”

“A short statement doesn't really cover how my life has changed. I no longer feel lost, isolated, ignored, misunderstood. Jeni is helping me navigate my autism and my mental health issues. I can say without doubt that UANW and Jeni have saved my life, as I doubt I would still be here without her help, understanding, support and care. They deserve so much praise.”

“I found myself in a very safe and understanding environment, which allowed me to open up about my issues and concerns.”